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 Support Policy

Secure Commerce Systems strives to offer the best customer service in the IT industry. SCS values its customer relationships and will do all that is possible to ensure customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations. Secure Commerce Systems stands behind all of its products and will support its products with utmost professionalism.

GuardTower Support - The primary point of contact for GuardTower support is the GuardTower Trouble Ticket System. If a GuardTower user has an issue requiring support, he should open a trouble ticket.

Other Support - For other product support, a user can contact us via email or telephone.

Support Response - When Secure Commerce Systems is contacted regarding a support issue whether through the Trouble Ticket system or by other means, a SCS representative will contact you within two business days and will work with you to resolve the issue. Most issues are contacted and resolved the same day. For faster response and resolution times, please contact us to inquire about premier support.

Travel and Expenses - SCS will attempt to resolve any issue remotely and as quickly and possible. However, sometimes the issue cannot be resolved in this cost effective manner. If SCS determines that a customer on site visit is necessary to resolve the issue, the customer is responsible for the travel and expense incurred in the on site visit.

This is a partial statement of support policy which answer most support related questions. For a complete description of our support policy, please contact us.

Secure Commerce Systems annouces launch of Security Awareness Training and Quiz. Try it FREE!
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Secure Commerce Systems offers excellent customer services and unveils a trouble ticket system for online incident notification.
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