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User names and passwords are no longer sufficient as a means of authenticating users. With the large numbers of virtual users and the proliferation of E-Commerce and remote access technologies, companies need to reevaluate their Authorization, authentication and Audit Services (AAA).

A Public Key Infrastructure enables an enterprise to secure mission critical and E-Commerce applications, including e-mail, virtual private networks, Extranets and secure on-line transactions. If your business requires:

  • Network security assessment.
  • Asset valuation.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Risk mitigation and management.
  • Disaster recovery planning & design.
Secure Commerce Systems PKI Solution is the answer. To turn PKI into a seamless, integrated secure end-to-end system that will withstand attack and auditing you will need specialists who understand network security and the secure applications using the PKI tool.

Secure commerce Systems, through the experience of its employees, has implemented one of the largest PKI backbones in the world consisting of over 600,000 users and 108 sites worldwide. Our experiences with authenticated log-ons to the desktop, mandatory "certified" signatures on e-mail and site-to-site VPNs have made us leaders in deploying digital certificate infrastructures. Our expertise can ensure you get a scalable solution and shave weeks off your project efforts.

Strategically, Secure Commerce Systems ensures your PKI investment meets the objectives of the business, provides a return on investment, is accepted by the user-community, and is manageable throughout its lifecycle.

Tactically, Secure commerce Systems ensures we deliver a solution that's flexible, scalable and reliable. That is why we use market-leading toolkits when implementing any public key infrastructure.

Secure Commerce Systems annouces launch of Security Awareness Training and Quiz. Try it FREE!
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Secure Commerce Systems and Symantec offer deal on Deepsight alerting services.
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Secure Commerce Systems offers excellent customer services and unveils a trouble ticket system for online incident notification.
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