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Forensic Services

When your corporation suspects that unauthorized access has occurred and corporate assets are at risk, the first response is critical to successful prosecution. Correct procedures recognized by law enforcement must be employed to preserve the integrity of the data collected for evidence. Secure Commerce Systems will investigate perceived internal and externally launched attacks and represent your corporation to law enforcement and in litigation as an expert witness. In addition, Secure Commerce Systems offers a retainer service to guarantee a service level response to hacker occurrences.

Secure Commerce Systems Computer Forensics is the most advanced in the industry. SCS has developed a forensic capbility to provide Gigabit Ethernet Network Forensics collection, Rapid Hard Disk Imaging and Investigation, and operating systems and Application code inspection to provide the most thorough computer forensic investigation capbility, delivered to exacting Department of Justice Standards. When it has to be done right- call SCS!

Network Forensics

  • Email, IRC and Messenger, WebMail.
  • Intellectual Capital Theft.
  • Embezzlement and Corporate Competitive Information
  • Network Analysis/ Traffic Investigation
  • Database Replication across the network

Hard Drive Imaging and Investigation

  • Infidelity and Pornographic.
  • Identity Theft.
  • Corporate Back Doors, Trojans, and Viruses.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Inappropriate use of corporate resources and policy violations

Secure Commerce Systems understands the critical nature of protecting information assets. Our consultants will help your firm implement a secure network and effective policies that protect your assets without sacrificing integrity, confidentiality or availability. To start your investigation, click here.