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Protecting corporate assets and human resources and determining the security controls required to protect them, present an on-going effort for most organizations. Ensuring the current controls are appropriate to the changing threats, vulnerabilities and business climate of a global world and economy and having the intelligence to understand how changes can effect the safety, security and shareholder value of a corporation requires specific expertise and methodologies.

The GuardTower LifeCycle Counter Intelligence methodology combined with our information services, our investigators and engineers, and our understanding of the physical and information threats on a global basis provide our client with the necessary expertise to respond to tomorrow's security threats.

Strategy: Intelligence helps clarify the business threats, and identify the information and physical gap analysis required to mitigate the risks to your corporation. Our ex-military investigators know how to get the required information and what to do with it!

Design: Intelligence solutions that respond to the identified gap analysis- Facilities, processes, procedures, and technology - Secure Commerce. Systems designs your corporate risk mitigation strategy.

Implementation: Intelligence implementation provides our clients with experienced secure facility and operations experience. Rethinking traffic patterns and access control, our practice is complemented by our architectural partners to augment our information expertise with an ability to affect the total solution.

Operate: Intelligence provides tailored information updates to keep your company aware of the ever-changing threat, provides training to effect the strategy we have developed, and assists you with secure operations.

Objective: Provide actionable information and recommended action plan to corporate executives.

  • Keeps companies current on threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Reduces risk to intellectual property and potential damage to company reputation.
  • Enables companies to manage exposures and take appropriate actions.

Secure Commerce Systems annouces launch of Security Awareness Training and Quiz. Try it FREE!
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Secure Commerce Systems and Symantec offer deal on Deepsight alerting services.
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Secure Commerce Systems offers excellent customer services and unveils a trouble ticket system for online incident notification.
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