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 GuardTower Partner Program

GuardTower is a winning product in the tough world of information security. GuardTower is the right technology, the right price, the right solution to security event management. GuardTower is poised to takeover the market and you can be a part of it. Secure Commerce Systems offers amazing partner programs. Join the GuardTower team today!

Authorized Partner
  • No Investment Required.
  • Good Discounts.
  • No Partner Installation.
  1. Fill out partner application.
  2. Once approved, read product familiarization literature.
  3. Sales - Download positioning documents, white papers, and marketing sheets.
  4. Services - Download SCS professional services sheets; Resell SCS professional services.
  5. 20% Discount on GuardTower and SCS Services.
Premier Partner
  • Investment Required.
  • Great Discounts.
  • Leads on partner page.
  • Installation services revenue for our partners.
  1. Fill out partner application.
  2. Once approved, schedule class for 2 engineers and 1 account manager in 90 days.
  3. Sales - 1 day class on positioning and scheduling the GuardTower web demo.
  4. Services - 2 day intense class on deploying appliance, console, and SMART agents (must know TCP/IP security and operating systems). If consultants pass test, authorized to install GuardTower.
  5. 30% Discount on GuardTower.


Secure Commerce Systems annouces launch of Security Awareness Training and Quiz. Try it FREE!
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Secure Commerce Systems and Symantec offer deal on Deepsight alerting services.
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Secure Commerce Systems offers excellent customer services and unveils a trouble ticket system for online incident notification.
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